Narrative Economics: Understanding People and Their Choices

This webinar explores how narrative economics influences market researchers, as well as the role storytelling and behavioral economics play in research methodology.

How marketers and market researchers think about, interact, communicate, and interpret what people say is based on an understanding of consumer choices. But what if our assumptions as researchers are wrong? Narrative economics provides a different way of listening and gaining qualitative insights into how people perceive themselves, what is important to them, and how and why they make decisions.

Susan Fader is a qualitative researcher/moderator/strategist using qualitative engagement to help transform businesses and to get clients unstuck. In a prior life, she was a product manager at General Foods, an account supervisor at Interpublic, and a marketing consultant in Japan.

Susan is experienced in a range of categories and demographics including CPG, HBA, financial services, health care, entertainment, branding, kids, B2B and military personnel. She is based in the U.S. and has designed and fielded qualitative research in 20+ countries on five continents.

1 Hour
Qualitative Research
November 20th, 12pm EST