The Remesh platform uses AI and a user-friendly chat interface to engage hundreds of participants in real-time.  Get deep, valuable insights in a matter of hours, whether it's for feedback, ideation, or discovery purposes. Remesh surfaces the insights you need- get a free demo now!

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Human-Powered A.I. for a Deeper Understanding

Get deep, qualitative insights at large scale (think hundreds of participants) in real-time. Engage with your audience online and get detailed responses in real-time as our algorithm highlights the most popular responses and segments your audience.

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An Experience Your Team and Session Participants Will Love

Feedback and engagement tools don't need to be clunky or difficult. Boost your session's engagement with a beautiful interface that is intuitive for everyone- your team included!

The easy-to-use interface means your audience can provide more thoughtful insights, and you conduct seamless sessions.

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Faster Insights at a Fraction of the Cost

Time is money and Remesh's platform gets you the reliable group insights you're seeking- instantly.

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Big Qual Like Never Before

Our AI-driven platform gives you the deep insight that only human, qualitative responses can, but at a quantiative, statistically significant scale.  Big Qual has arrived!


Trusted by Fortune 100 Companies

Brands from finance, media, to CPG trust Remesh to get the deep insights they're seeking including product feedback, ideation, and ad campaign feedback.