Sports Advertising & the Super Bowl: Standing Out in Next Year's Crowded Screen

2020 has been a year of significant transformation for many industries. And perhaps, no industry has been devastated by the on-going impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic as much as the sports entertainment sector. With only a few stadiums with reopening plans in place, a majority remain vacant as fans continue to rally for their favorite teams from the safety of their own homes. So what does this mean for advertisers? At this stage in the game, the high influx of sports streaming has presented a massive opportunity for advertisers to put their brands before a more considerable audience. 

In this webinar, Keith Price (President of Customer Experience, Americas at Dynata) and Matt Broadway (Remesh Sales Director) discussed findings from a Remesh conversation on what consumers expect from brands right now, especially from commercial slots at the most-watched television program in America - the Super Bowl.

December 2020
60 Minutes
Ad Testing