Give Your Employees a [Real] Voice

Your company is made of people - not numbers, so you should engage with them as such! The Remesh platform lets you engage all your employees at once- asking them open ended questions and getting candid, thoughtful responses. You also get in depth analytics that will help you make smart decisions.

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The Answer to Employee Satisfaction? Your People Are the Ones to Ask!

Remesh's platform is highly engaging, you can ask open-ended questions related to culture, benefits, or anything you want to hear your employees' thoughts on. You get their responses in real-time, and our algorithm helps you pinpoint insights and segment your employees' feedback.

Start making decisions based on your employee feedback right away.

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Faster Insights at a Fraction of the Cost

Why trust outdated surveys or a third party to get employee insights when you can ask your empoyees directly? Get feedback data instantly and keep it in-house.


Get Your Employees to Truly Engage

Nothing is as dry as a corporate employee feedback survey. Engage with your employees the way they want you to- online, in real-time, and in a friendly chat format.


Trusted by Fortune 100 Companies

Top brands from finance, media, to CPG trust Remesh to get the deep insights they're seeking including product feedback, ideation, and ad campaign feedback.