Remesh x Nestle

C A S E  S T U D Y

Nestlé captures early stage advertisement campaign feedback for prelaunch optimization

Nestlé needed to collect consumer feedback on three potential advertisements for Life Cuisine frozen meals in order to optimize existing ad concepts and uncover drivers of appeal for current and potential consumers.

In this case study, learn how Nestlé was able to gain rich consumer feedback utilizing an agile research methodology to quickly and easily showcase ad storyboards across three concepts.

  • Objective: Ad Testing
  • Innovation Process: 60 Minutes
  • Industry: Food & Beverage 

Watch the video below to see Remesh in action!
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Remesh is the equivalent of a large, online focus group - enabling qualitative insights at quantitative scale. Engage up to 1,000 of your customers in a live conversation for deep insights - in real-time.

The better you understand your customers, employees, and constituents, the better products, companies, and experiences you can create.


A few companies who trust us with their insights

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“Remesh offers an exciting experience to our clients, who can log into the platform and observe the discussion unfold live. This lets us replicate the thrill and involvement of focus groups, without travel, time or costs.”

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“The Remesh platform offers the balance of quality and quantity which can be applied to a lot of different types of work that we do. Utilizing a qualitative, online focus group and community like Remesh feels like an upgrade from previous methodologies.”

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The Market Research Trends Report of 2021

This report is an in-depth analysis of the market research industry.

This report aims to provide professionals with practical business knowledge regarding key market research trends, industry practices, and actionable insights to better navigate the future of the market research industry in a post-COVID-19 world.

  • BOOK LENGTH: 25 pages
  • READ TIME: 15 mins
  • TOPIC: Market Research Trends
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