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Agile Employee Insights for Better Companies


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Conversation with a live audience

Remesh lets you have a back and forth conversation with a live audience of up to 1,000 people at once. You ask. They answer. Our algorithms synthesize the data as it comes in so you can change the flow of the conversation to get at the insights you seek.


How can I use the Remesh platform?

Remesh can be used to understand and engage your audience (customers, employees, prospects) at any stage- whether you want to ideate and brainstorm, get feedback on concepts or ideas, or improve current processes or products. Generate insights that lead to action in 1 hour.

Marketing / Branding

Customer Experience

Product Innovation

Employee Engagement



Nestlé captures early stage advertisement campaign feedback for prelaunch optimization

Nestlé needed to collect consumer feedback on three potential advertisements for Life Cuisine frozen meals in order to optimize existing ad concepts and uncover drivers of appeal for current and potential consumers. Learn how Nestlé was able to gain rich consumer feedback utilizing an agile research methodology to quickly and easily showcase ad storyboards.

Ad Testing
60 Minutes


Research teams love Remesh

“Remesh provides an ideal solution, to provide real-time in-the-moment insight, thus allowing management to actively participate in discussions and immediately apply insights into action.”

Hideyuki Niwa

President & CEO

“Remesh offers an exciting experience to our clients, who can log into the platform and observe the discussion unfold live. This lets us replicate the thrill and involvement of focus groups, without travel, time or costs.”

Barbara du Perron

Sr. Brand Manager, Global Beverage

“With Remesh, we get both—a means of quantifying qualitative input, and along the way, creating a participant experience that’s engaging, fast-paced, and fun.

Julie Wittes Schlack

Sr. VP, Innovation and Design

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