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Engage directly with thousands of consumers at once to get deep, qualitative insights at a massive scale. Remesh's platform uses AI to understand, segment, and analyze consumer responses in real-time, so you have organized clean data and dashboards to work with in a matter of minutes.


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Putting Powerful Research in Your Hands🙌

Remesh's platform is intuitive and easy to use- your team can get a research session up and running in just a few hours.  Since the conversation with consumers is live, you can control the flow of the questions, and dig deeper into the areas of interest that will drive your business success. With great power, comes even greater insights.

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Faster Insights at a Fraction of the Cost

Time is money and Remesh's platform gets you the reliable group insights you're seeking- instantly.

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Big Qual Like Never Before

Our AI-driven platform gives you the deep insight that only human, qualitative responses can, but at a quantiative, statistically significant scale.  Big Qual has arrived!


Trusted by Fortune 100 Companies

Brands from finance, media, to CPG trust Remesh to get the deep insights they're seeking including product feedback, ideation, and ad campaign feedback.